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Three provincial forest wellness resorts in Changsha

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Mar 30,2023 L M S
It is reported that Hunan will have 20 new provincial forest wellness resorts in the third batch, including Qingyang Lake Forest Wellness Resort.

Hunan Province is rich in forest resources, with a forest coverage rate of 59.98% as of 2022, and a forest stock volume of 660 million cubic meters, an increase of 23 million cubic meters compared to last year.

As for the forest and grass industry, in order to provide more abundant and high-quality ecological products to meet social needs, specific industries need to be supported, and forest wellness resorts have emerged in response to the demand.

Based on the ecological environment of forests, and making use of ecological, landscape, food and medicine, and cultural resources, the sustainable development of the forest wellness resort industry is an important measure to meet people's needs to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The forest is not only the foundation and the highlight of the wellness resorts, but also the concrete embodiment of the characteristics of the forest industry.

There are 20 new provincial forest wellness resorts this time, including 3 in Changsha, namely Qiangyang Lake Forest Wellness Resort, Hunan Forestry Seedling Center Forest Wellness Resort, and Liuyang Longtan Forest Wellness Resort.
Qingyang Lake Forest Wellness Resort (Qingyang Lake State-owned Forest Farm) has a forest coverage rate of 98.35% and a forest stock volume of more than 118,000 cubic meters. It is the "green ecological core" of the tourist route involving Huaminglou Scenic Area-the hometown of Liu Shaoqi, Weishan National Scenic Spot, Tanheli Site, and the Huitang Hot Spring.