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First Changsha Targeted Industry and Economic Matchmaking Conference kicks off

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Feb 20,2023 L M S
Recently, the first Changsha Targeted Industry and Economic Matchmaking Conference was held, and over 200 Chinese and German political and business representatives gathered in Changsha to talk about friendship and the future.

The event was aimed at deepening foreign enterprises’ understanding of Changsha and Central China, and promoting in-depth cooperation between the two sides in enterprises and industries with advanced manufacturing as the core.

At the matchmaking conference, representatives of Chinese enterprises and German enterprises spoke in turn, and all expressed their expectations for more cooperation, investment and deeper friendly relations between Changsha City and Germany in the future.

"In Changsha, we visited some excellent companies, such as Sany and Bosch, and I also visited their innovation centers, which were very impressive," said Bernd Michel, founder and board of directors of Forcam (Shanghai) Software Technology Co., Ltd..

"Changsha is a city where we feel at home and where industry is booming, and we are all honored to be here as a delegation,” Martin Stefan Klose, chief representative of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Guangzhou, said in excitement.

In view of the composition and needs of the German enterprise delegation in the coming year, Changsha also carefully organized a high-matching Changsha delegation.

In the 100 Enterprise Group, the German Enterprise Delegation includes 40 Fortune 500 companies, German industry leaders and hidden champions, which can be said to be selected and optimized for Changsha's industrial characteristics. 

The Changsha Enterprise Delegation includes over 60 leading manufacturing enterprises, specialized, refined, differentiated and innovative “little giant” enterprises, and financial institutions and foreign-related law firms, and is also highly matched with German enterprises in terms of industrial chain, supply chain, talent chain and financial chain.

Efforts will be made by Changsha City and Germany to further deepen scientific and technological cooperation, promote economic and trade exchanges, and build an exchange platform on the basis of successful cooperation in the past.

German enterprises are sincerely welcomed to participate in the high-end, intelligent and green development of Changsha's manufacturing industry in a larger scope and wider fields.

It is hoped that the majority of German enterprises, scientific research institutions, educational institutions, foundations, etc. will actively participate in and deeply integrate into the construction of Changsha's scientific and technological innovation system. 

It is also hoped that endeavors will be made to further expand the import of high-quality consumer goods, important equipment, key parts and components with the help of convenient channels like the bridges in countries involved with the Belt and Road Initiative and China-Europe freight trains. 

Changsha City will welcome global investors with an open mind and a win-win concept of equality and reciprocity.

In recent years, Changsha City is fully implementing the “Three Hubs and Four New Missions” Strategy, and striving to develop into a national important advanced manufacturing hub. 

The Targeted Industry and Economic Matchmaking Conference, focusing on manufacturing, is not only a pragmatic move to add new momentum to the high-quality development of Changsha's advanced manufacturing industry, but also a timely move to facilitate the stable scale and optimal structure of foreign trade as well as the expansion of foreign investment. It is an important part of Changsha's efforts at high-quality development in 2023.