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Shuangjiangkou Town encourages rice growers for grain production

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Feb 21,2023 L M S
Recently, Hu Fang, a 33-year-old new farmer, received the prize of “Excellent Grower” at a mobilization meeting for agricultural production held in Shuangjiangkou Town, Ningxiang City.

Hu Fang is a large grower from Shuangfu Community, Shuangjiangkou Town, and a new professional farmer who returned home to start a business a few years ago.

Despite the rare continuous drought in summer and autumn last year, the town and village cadres took effective measures to combat drought and maintain grain production. He transferred 775 mu (about 51.67 hectares) of paddy fields to grow double cropping rice and achieved about 600 tons of grain, with the sales amount exceeding 1.4 million yuan.

Together with several large growers, he established Hunan Baihuyuan Agricultural Science and Technology Development Company, with such modern agricultural machinery equipment as large rotary tillers, harvesters and dryers. It can provide services for more than 3,000 mu (200 hectares) of farmland.

Now, the town and village cadres increased the publicity of preferential policies through various forms, making farmers informed of national policies and encouraging them to grow double cropping rice. The town encouraged the development of agriculture and grain production, which was included in the effort to optimizing the business environment in Shuangjiangkou Town, and cultivated a number of rural talents such as modern agricultural leaders, new professional farmers and rural craftsmen to further promote the comprehensive development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and explore a new path to rural revitalization with Chinese characteristics.

Shuangjiangkou Town is the largest granary of Ningxiang. According to the statistics, in 2022, the town completed 40,000 mu (2,666.67 hectares) of centralized seedling cultivation, and grew crops of 155,000 mu (about 10,333.33 hectares). And the area of grain planting and double cropping rice ranked first in Ningxiang.

This year, the town will build a 10,000-mu provincial grain core demonstration area, which can radiate 100,000 mu (about 6,666.7 hectares) of high-yield farmland around it, comprehensively promote the cultivation of double-cropping rice, enhance the centralized cultivation of 51,000 mu (3,400 hectares) of seedlings, and implement the demonstration pilot of socialized whole-process services, such as throwing and transplanting seedlings, machine tillage and machine harvesting, green prevention and control of diseases and pests.

In recent years, as the agricultural mechanization was further promoted and national support for grain production was increased, the efficiency of grain production has been continuously improved, which has also become an important way to increase farmers’ income.

Now, there more than 7,000 mu (about 466.67 hectares) of fertile land in the village, and more than 20 large farmers are preparing for spring farming.

More than 80% of double cropping rice will be planted this year with scientific seedling cultivation, fertilization and disease and pest control.