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Ningxiang sees robust recovery in outbound tourism

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Feb 21,2023 L M S
Recently, as travel agencies and online travel enterprises across China were allowed to resume their business of outbound group tours, many citizens came to apply for or renew a passport at the exit and entry permit window in Ningxiang City.

The restart of outbound tourism means a new spring for all practitioners. The tourism industry is finding a way to recover to the level before the epidemic.

Every day, quite a few people consult the travel agency offline about the outbound travel in the coming Qingming Festival and May Day holidays.

According to the travel agency, Thailand is currently the most popular destination for outbound group tourists, followed by Vietnam, Maldives, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Many travel agencies plan to launch short-distance tour routes to Southeast Asian countries during the Qingming Festival and May Day holidays, and will also organize more private tours for 2 to10 people according to market demand.

According to the statistics of the entry and exit administration office of the Public Security Bureau of Ningxiang City, from the resumption of approval on January 8 to February 15, a total of 2,143 entry and exit applications were handled. After three years of difficult period, the outbound group tourism finally ushers in a new spring.