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Parent-child outdoor climbing popular

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 17,2022 L M S
The parent-child climbing experience activity, one of the “2022 Super Weekend Outdoor Sports Tourism Season” series activities of the second Changsha Sports Consumption Festival , was successfully concluded recently in the Weishan Scenic Area and the Xiangjiang River Scenic Belt. 

More than 50 families from Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan cities participated in the activities, among which tree climbing and rock climbing were popular with participators.

Tree climbing requires climbers to use climbing ropes with professional and systematic techniques, so that climbers are able to freely ascend, descend, switch between ascent and descent, cross, rest and work safely and freely.

Rock climbing is an upward climbing sport performed on natural or artificial rock walls, often classified as an extreme sport. It requires people to continuously complete thrilling movements such as turning, pull-ups, swinging and even jumping on rock walls at various heights and angles, integrating fitness, entertainment and competition, known as “ballet on the cliff”.

The “2022 Super Weekend Outdoor Sports Tourism Season” is based on families, and focuses on parents taking their children to play outdoors and grow up healthily, and promoting fashionable and cool sports methods (paddleboarding, kayaking, bicycle, paragliding, orienteering, camping, river tracing, rock climbing, etc.).

The tourism season connects the rich tourism resources of the three cities, creating new outdoor sports scenes and launching new games for family sports tourism. The activities are held all year round, with different outdoor sports programs and themes throughout the four seasons.

The government, media, tourist attractions, and sports enterprises empower each other to create sports tourism boutique attractions (camps) and sports tourism boutique routes, promote the high-quality development of the outdoor sports industry, so as to help the construction of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City Group.