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Seminar on Guan Yu spirit and Hunan culture held

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jul 02,2021 L M S
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, a seminar on Guan Yu spirit and Hunan culture will be held in Guanshan Ancient Town on July 3. The communicators, experts and scholars of Guan Yu culture from all over the country will attend the seminar to jointly interpret the historical significance of “the Battle of Changsha by Guan Yu” and explore the inheritance and integration of Guan Yu spirit and Hunan culture.

Guan Yu, about 158 to 167-220BC, is a famous general in the late Eastern Han Dynasty and is highly respected by Chinese people for his loyalty and righteousness. As a historical and cultural legacy, a kind of spiritual wealth and moral strength, Guan Yu culture is an important cultural symbol of “One Belt and One Road” and has become one of the spiritual ties connecting Chinese people all over the world.

“The Battle of Changsha by Guan Yu” is a famous heroic battle in the history of the Three Kingdoms (A.D. 220-A.D. 280), displaying Guan Yu's spirit of loyalty, righteousness, benevolence, bravery, wisdom, courteous and honesty. The integration of Guan Yu spirit and Hunan culture will create a characteristic cultural brand for Hunan. There are over 30 place names related with the battle. Laodao River in Kaifu District was the battlefield in the past, and Guanshan Ancient Town was famous for stationing troops.

Some experts and scholars will give keynote lectures, which will present an interesting and colorful seminar. At the same time, the place-name stories related with the battle and the couplets of Guan Yu Cultural Park will be collected from the public, and a big IP of the Three Kingdoms Culture will be launched.