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Huitang Qianzhang (thin sheets of bean curd)

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Feb 09,2023 L M S
In Huitang Town, Ningxiang City, the tradition of making qianzhang has a history of hundreds of years, especially in the Yangliuwan area. The production of qianzhang requires 12 processes such as material selection, pulp grinding, steaming bean curd paste, brine point bean curd and pressing. Only under strict and meticulous control of these processes can high-quality qianzhang be made.

Tan Xiaolin, who has 42 years of experience in making qianzhang, told the reporter that the difference between traditional handmade qianzhang and machine-made qianzhang lies in the difference in their degree of dryness and humidity. With a master’s great experience, handmade qianzhang has flexibility in moderate humidity, delicate and sweet taste.

Qianzhang is made of soybeans, hot spring water. Huitang Qainzhang is produced in traditional handmade workshops. The skin of Qianzhang is thin but resilient, with fragrant and sweet taste.