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Herons appear in Jinzhou Lake National Wetland Park

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Feb 20,2023 L M S
In recent years, Ningxiang City has seen continuous improvement in ecological construction and achieved remarkable results in biodiversity protection. A large group of herons were seen at Jinzhou Lake National Wetland Park recently.

Xiao Longyang, a technician in the protection of resources of the park, said that the birds are mainly night herons, and some are egrets.

Herons are particular about the habitat environment. The blue sky, clear water and green fields and trees are good places for herons to settle down. Herons and spring scenery form a beautiful picture full of poetic harmony between man and nature.  

Good ecological environment can naturally attract herons to live here. Herons flocking together shows the pleasant and livable ecological environment of Ningxiang.