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Ranruntang produces Chinese herbal medicines for treatment of COVID-19

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Aug 16,2021 L M S
Recently, in the workshops of Hunan Ranruntang Chinese Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd., Ningxiang High-tech Zone, workers are busy producing Chinese herbal medicines for the treatment of COVID-19.


Facing the new round of Covid-19 pandemic, in order to give full play to the role of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in epidemic prevention and control, Hunan TCM Administration organized TCM experts such as Xiong Jibai to study and formulate a TCM precautionary therapy for Covid-19 prevention and control, which was released recently.

Hunan Ranruntang Company, the only TCM manufacturer in Ningxiang City, has tried its best to produce the medicines.  
“Traditional Chinese medicine can prevent the development of epidemic disease and significantly reduce patients' symptoms,” said Yu Xiaobin, general manager of Ranruntang.

The company was established in 2004 and it has established a TCM health product system, with standardized management and production systems of TCM products. Its main products include wormwood products, traditional Chinese medicine sachets, toiletries and other series. They are sold to chain pharmacies, hospitals and traditional Chinese medicine venues nationwide with offline and online marketing modes.

In 2020, the company achieved the sales revenue of 100 million yuan, the net profits of over 1.2 million yuan and the tax revenue of 2.08 million yuan.
“All employees are required to wear masks, take body temperature three times, and have meals at different times. The workshops, dormitories, canteens and other places are disinfected two times a day.” Yu Xiaobin said that the company has taken a series of measures to ensure epidemic prevention and production. Now, all staffs of the company have been given Covid-19 vaccinations and taken nucleic acid tests.
“Epidemic prevention and control is a hard battle involving all the people and calling for everyone’s effort. It’s corporate duty to join in the efforts against the epidemic,” Yu Xiaobin noted. The company will further increase the output without compromising quality.