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Introduction of the 'One Park, One Center' in Ningxiang High-tech Zone

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  May 24,2021 L M S
To accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Hunan province, Hunan Provincial People's Government announced in June 2015 to build a Science and Technology Industrial Park and a Intellectual Property Operation and Service Center for Hunan's higher learning institutions at Ningxiang High-tech Zone (referred to as “One Park One Center”). “One Park, One Center” has utilized the resources of Hunan's universities and scientific research institutes to become a scientific innovation pilot area gathering technological innovations, the commercialization of research findings, the incubation of high-tech enterprises, talent training for innovation and business startups and intellectual property operations.

Neighboring the Changsha-Zhangjiajie expressway, “One Park, One Center” is in the northwestern area of Ningxiang High-tech Zone, covering an area of 133.33 hectares and costing an investment of 5 billion yuan.
“One Park, One Center” includes three bases and one center.
The cultivation base for emerging strategic industry: It focuses on introducing high-tech and high value-added projects and incubating a cutting-edge technological enterprise cluster.
The incubation and acceleration base for technological startups: It builds up five public service platforms for business startups to undertake product testing, scaled financing, deep services, high-end consultancy and market networking. The base provides full process and all-round assistant services and helps the startup teams transform their key technological achievements into products, then develop the business into an industry with big scale.
The base for technological R&D headquarters: It connects and introduces technological innovation platforms and assists innovation teams to set up research centers, institutions, technological innovation alliances and academician workstations at Ningxiang High-tech Zone. It carries out research related to the commercialization of research findings, providing advanced technologies, equipment and products.
Intellectual property operation and service center: Based on the public service platform of national patent technology (Changsha) exhibition and trading center, it fully releases the commercial value, service value and financial value of intellectual property rights by licensing, transferring and investing in intellectual property rights.
The first phase of “One Park, One Center” has a floorage of 480,000 square meters, including standard plants, enterprise incubation buildings, a comprehensive service building, public rentals and supporting facilities.
So far, it has attracted 12 enterprises to settle  in its confines. The representative high-tech enterprise in “One Park, One Center” is Hunan Sanuo Biotechnology Co Ltd, which is expected to become the leading biomedical enterprise in the park.
“One Park, One Center” has been trying its best to establish advantages in innovation, intelligent, new and sustainable development.
First, the Hunan Provincial People's Government has set up a governor-led joint meeting system to solve relevant problems encountered during the projects’ construction and development.
Second, “One Park, One Center” provides enterprises and projects all-round services including financial services, legal advice and intellectual property rights transactions.
Third, a professional investment attraction team has been established to connect with universities and scientific research institutions for project negotiations.
Fourth, “One Park, One Center” launched a special shuttle bus route between Ningxiang High-tech Zone and Hexi university city. It has introduced professional incubator operators to improve supporting facilities such as logistics centers, hospitals, shopping malls and banks.
“One Park, One Center” provides preferential policies:

1. Talent introduction policy: leading talents are subsidized with 1 million yuan for each person; management and research talents are subsidized by 500,000 yuan per person; professional technicians are subsidized by 100,000 yuan for each person.

2. Platform construction policy: national, provincial and municipal innovation platforms are respectively subsidized by 2 million yuan, 1 million yuan and 500,000 yuan. Newly established postdoctoral research stations and academician and expert workstations are subsidized by 1 million yuan.

3. Plant rental policy: if the plot ratio is above 1.5, the workshop on second floor or upper is subsidized by 50 yuan per square meter. Standard plant rentals by enterprises are given second-floor a subsidy of 5 yuan per square meter.
4. Enterprise upgrading policy: the maximum subsidy for equipment upgrading is 3 million yuan. High-tech enterprises are subsidized by 100,000 yuan. Enterprises that are successfully listed will be awarded 1 million yuan.
With perfect functions, “One Park, One Center” provides low-cost office space, comprehensive high-quality services and supportive policies to help entrepreneurial teams settle in and achieve rapid development. By 2020, “One Park, One Center” is expected to incubate 100 small and micro-sized tech enterprises, generating 4 billion yuan of total income and contributing more than 50 percent to Ningxiang High-tech Zone's industrial growth.