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Changsha Jinfeng Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Sep 10,2021 L M S
Changsha Jinfeng Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hunan Jinfeng Construction Group. It is located in Ningxiang High-tech Zone, and covers a total area of 210,000 square meters, with a building area of 118,000 square meters, including more than 80,000 square meters of workshop. 

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in outsize steel structure manufacturing and installation in the central and southern China, the company has the first-class qualifications of general contracting for construction project, professional contracting for steel structure project, steel structure manufacturing and so on. It is the fabricated construction industry base of Hunan Province.

The company owns 8 steel production lines, including the H-type steel, net rack, pipe truss, box column and Kaiping longitudinal shear, 4 production lines for wind power tower, 4 production lines for steel box bridge and multiple production lines for color plate and C-type steel. And it continues to increase investment to ensure the leading performance of its production equipment.

All kinds of components are made in an automated and mechanized way. It can produce 80,000 tons of steel box bridge, 30,000 tons of heavy steels, 30,000 tons of light steel, and 400 sets of wind generator tower annually.

It has more than 80 high-leveled management personnel, 330 professionals with technical titles that include senior engineers, engineers, economic managers, first-level and second-level construction engineers, experienced professional construction and installation teams.

it has applied the advanced steel structure design and detailed drawing analysis software, so that the drawings of scheme design, optimization, construction, process,
detail, and installation are all completed through professional digital processing. And all processes of design, production, transportation, installation, after-sales are carried out in strict accordance with ISO9001-2015 standards.  

The company is constantly making innovations in the field and has 18 invention patents.