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Changsha Findreams Battery Co., Ltd.

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jun 14,2021 L M S
BYD Ningxiang Power Battery Project aims to build a strategic power battery base for new energy vehicles in central China. The project covers an area of 614 mu (40.9 hectares), with a total investment of about five billion RMB (771.45 million U.S. dollars). Upon completion, the project will have an annual production capacity of 10 GWh of lithium-ion batteries and supporting materials. When the project reaches its full production capacity, the annual output value will be about 10 billion RMB (771.45 million U.S. dollars).

The main product of the project is BYD Blade Battery. The Blade Battery is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery developed by BYD over the past several years. The singular cells are arranged together in an array and then inserted into a battery pack, also known as the cell-to-pack technology. This new type of battery is known for combining several important advantages, including improved affordability (30% cost savings), longevity (expected 3,000 charging/discharging cycles or 1.2 million km (nearly 750,000 miles) of mileage), decent charging capability (10-80% in 33 minutes) and great safety.

BYD's Ningxiang factory has realized high automation and high precision in several production processes. Some of the key process workshops have no more than 29 5-micron particles in one cubic meter of space. BYD's self-developed and self-built laminating equipment currently has the highest laminating efficiency in the industry, reaching the level of 0.3s/pcs. The high-speed laminating solution has perfectly realized the long size, high precision and high efficiency of BYD Blade Battery.

When the plant is in full operation, it will produce one blade battery every 6 seconds, with a planned output of 12,000 pieces a day and a production capacity of 10 GWh. When all 100 GWh of batteries are put into production, it will be able to power 200,000 pure electric vehicles a year. The production process and equipment of BYD Changsha plant represent the advanced level of the industry and will be the BYD plant with the highest level of secrecy. Its products cover 3C, power, energy storage and other fields, serving as the forerunner of BYD's lithium-ion battery sales.