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Activities kicks off to warm up Fourth Ningxiang Gardenia Cultural Tourism Festival

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  May 25,2023 L M S
On the morning of May 10, an activity "Free Gardenia Giveaway" was kicked off to warm up the Fourth Ningxiang Gardenia Cultural Tourism Festival at the Citizen's Home in Ningxiang City, attracting a constant stream of citizens to participate in. Within an hour, 500 pots of gardenia flowers were given away. Citizens present at the activity expressed their anticipation for the Gardenia Cultural Tourism Festival to be held in Yujia'ao Township on May 20.

Yujia'ao Township, also known as Gardenia Town, has a long history of mountain gardenia cultivation, with the planting area of more than 10,000 mu (about 666.67 hectares). In 2020, Ningxiang Gardenia successfully applied for the National Geographical Indication Agricultural Product and became a famous genuine Chinese medicinal material. It was also named "Ningxiang City's Flower" in the same year. Ningxiang Gardenia is one of the first batch of "medicinal and edible" resources announced by the National Ministry of Health, which boasts enormous economic value.

In recent years, as a folk delicacy, gardenia has begun to appear on the dining tables under the promotion of the industry. Due to its strong floral aroma and tender texture, it has been positioned as a high-end health vegetable and promoted on CCTV.

In order to promote Ningxiang Gardenia to Changsha, Hunan and even the whole of China, Yujia'ao Township hosted the fourth Ningxiang Gardenia Culture and Tourism Festival. As a prelude, the "Free Gardenia Giveaway" activity will last until May 20. 

10,000 potted gardenias or bouquets will be given free to citizens in places such as Emerald Lake in Ningxiang, Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street in Changsha, Orange Isle, and Yuelu Mountain.

Since May 14, the "Gardenia Meets You" youth fellowship activities will be launched,  including the Hanfu garden party, immersive script role-playing, and handicraft workshop. At the opening ceremony on May 20, the Gardenia Series New Product Launch Conference and Sales Exhibition will be held, and a series of new products such as Gardenia Fruit Tea and Gardenia Essence will be on display.

In addition to the main venue in Yujia'ao, a branch venue will also be set up on Orange Isle in Changsha City on May 20.

Together with your family and friends to admire the enchanting gardenias swaying in the mountains with their fragrant aroma, and there are many activities waiting for you to participate in!