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Ningxiang sees surge in tourism during May Day holiday

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  May 08,2023 L M S
During the 2023 May Day holiday in Ningxiang City, a dazzling array of themed activities at various scenic areas contributed to a significant surge of visitor footfall—the highest in recent memory.

Among the exceptional experiences that enthralled travelers were Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage's National Music Festival, the flower-entwined Tanhe Ancient Town, Huitang Hot Spring's Aqua World, Xiang Du Ecological Agriculture Park's ICH camping festival, Guanshan Ancient Town's treasure hunt game, Daohuaxiangli Farming Culture Park's fragrant rural ambiance, and Times Outlets' carnival revelry.

Throughout the holiday, notable attractions such as the Huaminglou Scenic Area of Liu Shaoqi's Former Residence, Tianhe Ancient Town, and the Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage drew impressive visitor counts, cementing their status among Changsha City's most sought-after destinations.

National trend feast

One of the most notable events was the national style music festival held at the Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage, where visitors were transported to a bygone era of traditional Chinese towns and treated to interactive performances featuring folk music and drama. A truly immersive experience was had as they enjoyed an exquisite rendition of elegant Chinese music.

In addition, a breathtaking spectacle showcasing divine fireworks and a myriad of drones numbering close to one thousand, adorned the night sky, attracting a multitude of tourists who reveled in the novel encounter of "culture plus technology" expertly blended into the national-style framework. Based on official figures, the Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage boasted an influx of nearly 80,000 visitors during the May Day holiday.

At the flower festival hosted by Tanhe Ancient Town, visitors were able to indulge in a range of traditional springtime folk activities, including the ever-popular shuttlecock kicking, kite flying, and cuju (a form of ancient Chinese football). Furthermore, interactive installations such as the Marriage of King Wu, the Western Zhou Dynasty Cinema, and the Daji Ghost House added an extra dimension to the festivities.

The performances of the enchanting shows "Eternal Love of Tanhe", "King Wu Seeks His Consort", and "Chime Music and Dance" were all exemplary productions that captivated the audience. Based on official figures, Tanhe Ancient Town welcomed over 65,000 visitors during the holiday.

Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism emerged as a favored option for numerous travelers during the May Day holiday, as evidenced by the surge in visitors to several cultural sites, including the Huaminglou Scenic Area of Liu Shaoqi's Former Residence, the abodes of He Shuheng in Shatian Township, and Xie Juezai's Former Residence.

The theme of "red culture", a term used to describe revolutionary and communist culture, proved particularly alluring to holidaymakers. The Huaminglou Scenic Area of Liu Shaoqi's Former Residence, for example, experienced a remarkable uptick in foot traffic, with approximately 118,000 visitors exploring its cultural treasures during the holiday.

In addition to cultural sites and performances, many families opted for educational activities during the May Day holiday, including a visit to Tanheli Bronze Museum. The museum's collection of exquisite bronze vessels, coupled with informative explanations about the 3,000-year history of bronze culture in the area, captivated the attention of children and adults alike.

Meanwhile, Guanshan Ancient Town offered a unique experience through activities such as the "Guanshan Secret Box" treasure hunt, where visitors dressed in traditional Hanfu clothing explored the town's ancient streets, donned opera masks, and visited the village chief's base, all of which contributed to a delightfully poetic and joyous holiday experience.

Furthermore, the inaugural camping festival, showcasing intangible cultural heritage, was held at Xiang Du Ecological Agriculture Park, offering a plethora of cultural exhibits, folk music performances, outdoor movie screenings, as well as stargazing and bonfire parties.

These unique and exciting activities provided an unforgettable holiday experience, arousing visitors' curiosity and desire to delve deeper into the region's cultural and natural richness.

Family Fun

On April 28, the water park at Zilongwan Hot Spring opened its doors to visitors, offering a thrilling selection of outdoor water activities such as swimming and wave-riding. Along with these water-based experiences, the park also provided an array of fun family-friendly games, including lawn bubble popping, finger pressure plate contests, and ring tossing.

Moreover, the Gold Sun Spa Center held a carnival that featured a diverse range of activities, including underwater treasure hunts, parent-child boating, grain puzzles, and thrilling ocean ball battles.

During the May Day holiday, visitors flocked to Daolin Ancient Town to witness the mesmerizing sight of blooming peonies and to capture their picturesque beauty through photographs.

Moreover, the town offered immersive cultural experiences, including close-up views of towering scarecrows, theatrical performances of "Dreaming Back to the Tang Dynasty", and grand fireworks displays titled "Daolin Splendor".

Meanwhile, Daohuaxiangli Farming Culture Park provided a perfect parent-child vacation spot, where visitors could indulge in countryside leisure activities such as rural sports, picnics, and farming experiences that fostered a sense of physical and mental well-being.

In addition, guests could relive their childhood memories by picking fruits and vegetables, and playing traditional Chinese games such as shuttlecock and spinning tops.

Times Outlets organized a vibrant carnival event that provided visitors with a diverse range of experiences, including perusing innovative products, enjoying live music performances, and engaging in thrilling park activities.

Dolton Spa Hotel, on the other hand, offered a themed event that allowed guests to spend quality time with the adorable panda "Chengcheng", fairy tale princesses, and magical clowns during the May Day holiday.

Lastly, the Country Garden Phoenix Hotel hosted an array of delightful family-friendly activities, such as the "little firefighter" and "little chef-long" programs, which provided endless amusement for families and left visitors yearning for more.