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Tea tourism promotes rural revitalization in Ningxiang

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  May 17,2023 L M S
Tea farmers were busy picking tea leaves in various tea bases in Weishan Township, Ningxiang City. So were tourists. They came to experience tea leaves picking here. At the same time, various Party branches in Weishan Township actively organized Party members to carry out volunteer service activities in tea bases. The volunteers, dressed in red vests, also helped to pick tea leaves.

Recently, the 5th Hunan Weishan Tea Tourism Culture Festival was held, with various activities such as tea picking, tea making, tea art specialists training and photography competition. Tea bases were bustling with tourists, who enjoyed the spring scenery and tasted spring tea.

In order to develop the rural characteristic industry and increase farmers' income through tea industry, Weishan Township has actively sold tea products of Maojian through live streaming platforms, while introducing local charming scenery and delicious food to enhance the integrated development of tea tourism.

In 2022, Weishan Maojian tea (green tea and yellow tea) was shortlisted for the "National Geographic Indication Protection Product" by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Weishan was selected as a potential national key township with strong agricultural industry.

Since the beginning of this year, Weishan Township has vigorously developed the high-quality tea tourism to enhance itself as a national key township in developing agricultural industries and promote its cultural tourism.

Weishan will launch three characteristic tourism routes involving such scenic spots as Miyin, Luhua Waterfall, and Gao's Ancestral Temple, through which people can experience tea culture, canyon rafting, and traditional culture. It will constantly improve the infrastructure to satisfy various needs of tourists.

According to statistics, the total output of tea in Weishan Township in 2022 amounted to 428.5 tons, with a total output value of 65 million yuan. The output value of the tea processing industry was 126 million yuan and the total output value of the tea industry chain was 290 million yuan. The total income of farmers increased by 5.8 million yuan on a year-on-year basis.