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NETDZ has three provincial intelligent benchmark enterprises and workshops

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 23,2023 L M S
Recently, the iron phosphate intelligent production workshop of Yacheng New Energy was included on the list of provincial intelligent benchmark enterprises in Hunan Province this year.

The workshop applying for a provincial intelligent manufacturing benchmark workshop must be a completed project, which requires that in the past three years, the construction of the intelligent manufacturing benchmark workshop has driven the improvement of the intelligent level in various links like research and development, manufacturing and management, the intelligent development of the workshop is at a leading level in the province’s industry and at a first-class level in the domestic industry, with a strong demonstration and driving role.

Yacheng New Energy is an integrated enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of precursor materials for lithium battery positive electrodes.

Previously, the company’s product “iron phosphate” was selected into the fourth batch of single champion products in the manufacturing industry of Hunan Province.

Now, the company’s annual production capacity of iron phosphate has reached 110,000 tons.

“Since the mass production of iron phosphate in 2016, we have conducted research and development on its production process to further improve its performance and stability.” 

Tuo Denglin, director of Human Resources Administration of Yacheng New Energy, introduced that the company’s production workshop has technical characteristics such as intelligence, modularization, and low carbon, and is at a leading level in the same industry in the province.

In the next stage, Yacheng New Energy will develop key technologies for the preparation of precursor series products of lithium battery cathode materials such as iron phosphate, battery grade cobalt hydroxide, and cobalt tetroxide for power batteries, breaking through existing technological bottlenecks and building new economic growth points for the enterprise.

In recent years, the new energy industry in Ningxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone (NETDZ) has been developing rapidly. More than 20 enterprises have been introduced, including Yacheng New Energy, CNGR Group, and Atlas Precision, forming a lithium battery industry chain that covers positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, battery structural components, battery packs, and recycling and dismantling.

Hunan Matsui New Materials Co., Ltd. in Ningxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone was also on the list of intelligent manufacturing benchmark enterprises. And the intelligent small home appliance intelligent manufacturing workshop of Douhe Technology was recognized as a provincial intelligent manufacturing benchmark workshop.

As of now, Ningxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone has 6 provincial-level intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises and 6 provincial-level intelligent manufacturing demonstration workshops.