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Nanxuan Cultural Park tourism route released in Ningxiang

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 16,2023 L M S
 The tourism route of Nanxuan Cultural Park was released on November 12.

Nanxuan Cultural Park is located in Guanshan Village, Xiangzikou Town, Ningxiang City, 70 kilometers away from downtown Ningxiang. The cultural park faces south, with a spacious layout, which provides a tranquil and pleasant environment. It is themed around “cultural heritage, cultural prosperity, and culture”. The park consists of the Memorial Pavilion Area, Nanxuan Academy, and the tombs of Zhang Jun and Zhang Shi, comprehensively showcasing the life and intellectual achievements of Zhang Jun and Zhang Shi, highlighting the development of Hunan culture and the profound influence of “Ningxiang people’s passion for learning.”

Zhang Shi, also known as Jingfu and honored as Master Nanxuan, was a renowned ideologist, politician, and educator of the Southern Song Dynasty and one of the founding figures of Hunan culture.

He lectured successively at Chengnan Academy, Biquan Academy, and Yuelu Academy, and gradually established the educational tradition of the Hunan region.

During the event, a video was played narrating the story of Nanxuan Academy and other three academies (Yuelu Academy, Chengnan Academy, Biquan Academy). A plaque unveiling ceremony was held for the cooperation between the four academies.

The tourism route of Nanxuan Cultural Park was also released in collaboration with western towns, which is designed to promote various colorful landscapes such as “Bronze Kingdom Charcoal River", "Green Southern Song Imperial Examination Culture” and “Red Shatian, Red Longtian”. The travel itineraries include one-day self-driving tour of Nanxuan Cultural Park, two-day parent-child tour, and three-day tour for party and group building, and boutique academy tour, which will further promote the integration and development of cultural tourism and education.

In recent years, Xiangzikou Town has continuously enhanced the regional public brand “Xiangzi Huakai”, using the pilot construction of “promoting the deep integration of the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries and achieving high-quality development of the agricultural industry” as an opportunity to vigorously build the “Xiangzi Huakai” town-level public brand.

The town has formulated the “Xiangzi Huakai” Regional Brand Benefit Connection Mechanism, established a collective stock enterprise-Hunan Xiangzi Huakai Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. through a model of “platform company +cooperative union + professional cooperative + large growers + farmers”, and built a “1+N” operation system (where “1” refers to the Xiangzi Huakai company’s main operating platform and “N” refers to various business sectors such as research and practice, food, homestay inns, cultural and agricultural tourism, and social welfare).

This was a strategic move of Xiangzikou Town to pursue a characteristic and differentiated development path according to local conditions, and explore a new path for the revitalization of Xiangzikou rich in “imperial examination culture.”

Zhou Shulin, Party secretary of Xiangzikou Town, said that through cooperation with the three major academies and the release of the Nanxuan Cultural Park tourism route, they will integrate resources such as the “Xiangzi Huakai” research base, Xianghe General Aviation Base, Nanxuan Cultural Park, and other elements, pool the town’s cultural and tourism resources, and gather the cultural and tourism advantages in western towns to develop a new model of “agriculture, culture, and tourism plus characteristic industries”, strengthen the brand of “Xiangzi Huakai” for the integrated development of three industries, striving to be a model and demonstration town for rural revitalization at a higher level.