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Ningxiang Pig promoted in agricultural expo

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 01,2023 L M S
On October 28, during the 24th Central China (Hunan) Agricultural Expo, the special brand promotion meeting of Ningxiang Pig was held as scheduled in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The purpose of this activity was to comprehensively display the development results of agricultural industry in Ningxiang City in recent years, improve the public awareness of Ningxiang Pig, and enhance the brand visibility.

The conference mainly promoted the special products of Ningxiang Pig, and displaying the excellent characteristics, nutritional value and development advantages of Ningxiang Pig. The organizers also used creative sand paintings to tell the growth of small pigs. In the process of wonderful presentation, the audience had a deeper understanding of Ningxiang Pig.

In order to further expand the brand influence of Ningxiang Pig, a number of enterprises were awarded brand management franchises, adding strong support for the construction of Ningxiang Pig brand value. In addition, a number of enterprises also signed tripartite strategic contracts around development and investment of Ningxiang Pig modern industry, production and breeding equipment procurement, sales and “Agricultural Internet +” and other aspects, with a total investment of more than 500 million yuan.

“Ningxiang Pig”, as one of the four famous pigs in China, has a history of more than 1,000 years, which was thought “more delicious than that in other areas” during the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty.

In recent years, Ningxiang has made every effort to cultivate the brand of “Ningxiang Pig”, gradually formed an industry with complete chain, deep integration, advanced science and technology, and rich characteristics, and become a “strong engine” of rural revitalization.

In 2022, 446,100 pigs from Ningxiang were sold, and the output value of the whole industrial chain reached 4.193 billion yuan, ranking first in the local pig species in Hunan Province in terms of both the quantity and total output value.

Ningxiang is striving to achieve the goal of “selling 1 million pigs with an output value of 10 billion yuan” and 1 leading enterprise to be listed in 2026.

The promotion conference fully demonstrated the advantages of the geographical indication brand of “Ningxiang Pig”, promoted the characteristic culture of Ningxiang Pig, continuously improved the cohesion, influence and competitiveness of the industry, and further strengthened the brand core value.

At this agricultural expo, the “Ningxiang Pig” brand exhibition area was located in the Characteristic County Hall - W4 Hall WF-54 Booth, with an exhibition area of 84 square meters, and four leading enterprises such as Hunan Liushahe Pig Ecological Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition, with the largest scale and number in history.