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Ningxiang High-tech Zone's efforts to attract and promote projects

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jun 25,2023 L M S
On May 23, workers were stepping up production in the standard workshops at the Ningxiang High-tech Zone.

In December 2022, Ningxiang High-tech Zone was ranked among national-level parks, becoming an important growth pole to promote the development of Changsha. It has attracted investment with advanced plans and promoted the construction of the projects with considerate services.

Planning investment promotion

The Bangsheng New Energy Research Building, which is about to be capped in the park, is as high as 100 meters. The Bangsheng New Energy project, with a total investment of about 12 billion yuan, will achieve an annual output of 300,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate after two-phase construction.

Bangsheng Group has invested heavily in new energy, transforming itself from a 10-billion-yuan real estate enterprise to a 100-billion-yuan new energy enterprise. The park has continuously provided technological guidance and market resources for the enterprise. Bangsheng Group originally planned to invest in a small project that has the annual capacity of 10,000-ton ternary precursor materials in other provinces, but finally it decided to invest in a large project with the production capacity of 300,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate in Ningxiang, along with its headquaters and research center. This project was selected as one of the top ten industrial projects in Hunan Province.

The high-tech zone has assisted enterprises in planning and strengthening investment, as well as promoting the implementation of projects by accurately evaluating target projects and integrating necessary resource elements.

Pengbo New Material only had two production lines in 2021. At that time, the zone worked together with the enterprise to solve the issues of funding and land use. So the head of the enterprise has made up his mind to invest 3 billion yuan in the positive electrode materials project which will achieve an annual production of 70,000 tons, with an output value of 11 billion yuan.

In 2022, Pengbo New Material, which was undergoing construction and trial production, received orders worth 1.2 billion yuan and sold out all its products. The enterprise is full of confidence and is determined to reach an output value of ten billion yuan within two years.

Through planned investment attraction, the park has promoted the implementation of a number of major projects. In 2022, 42 industrial projects were introduced, with a contract investment of 21 billion yuan. In the first quarter of 2023, 13 new industrial projects were introduced, with a contract investment of 4 billion yuan, making a successful start of the investment attraction work.

Leading companies for industrial clusters

In the workshop of Sinoboom, the "Smart Brain" precisely controls the entire manufacturing process from steel cutting to arm spraying, with the help of intelligent laser cutting, the robotic arm and the automated guided vehicle (AGV). Sinoboom, which has demonstrated the power of Hunan's construction machinery on important stages such as the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the launch of the "ZK-1A" rocket, made itself on the list of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers last year.

At the production base of Changsha FinDreams Battery Co., Ltd., four intelligent production lines are operating at full capacity, with each production line producing one battery in 6 seconds and over 50,000 blade batteries per day. In 2022, it achieved an output value of over 10 billion yuan.

The park has deeply cultivated the intelligent equipment manufacturing and advanced energy storage materials for high-quality development.

It takes Sany Heavy Lift and Xingbang Intelligent as the "chain leaders", driving more than 30 upstream and downstream enterprises such as Xingsha Machine Tool, Mengde Machinery, Ruijie, and Fosite to settle here. 

Nowadays, in the intelligent equipment manufacturing industrial chain of the park, there are 1 national champion enterprise, 4 national specialized and innovative "small giant" enterprises, and 89 large-scale industrial enterprises, all of which become an important part of Changsha's efforts to build a world-class construction machinery industry cluster.

The advanced energy storage material industry takes FinDreams Battery and Bangpu Recycling as the "leaders", gathers a batch of outstanding enterprises such as Bangsheng New Energy and Pengbo New Material, and forms a complete industrial chain closed-loop, making itself a leading park in the provincial advanced energy storage material industrial chain. In 2022, the output value of energy storage materials reached 43.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 93%.

Attentive service for win-win cooperation

In Ningxiang High-tech Zone, business operators can feel the attentive service at every link of an enterprises' development.

"Within just 16 days, the park has completed the outward transportation of 800,000 cubic meters of earth for us, and assisted us in establishing a 110-KV substation, effectively reducing electricity costs," said Fang Zheng, the executive vice general manager of Changsha Bangsheng New Energy Co., Ltd..

The park has prioritized enterprises' needs and aimed at the win-win cooperation, and continuously upgraded the business environment.

It helped enterprises solve such problems as land use, approval, demolition, funding, water and electricity, set up special windows for major projects and deepened tax and fee reduction. In 2022, it reduced taxes and fees by 536 million yuan.

It has reserved land resources for projects, established a talent market, carried out strategic cooperation with 13 well-known human resource service institutions and enterprises to attract talented people, and built 6 academician workstations, as well as  provided rich financing tools for small and medium-sized enterprises through Xinyidai platforms.

The high-tech zone has launched a package of integrated approval services, opened multiple free commuting buses, constructed office buildings and talent apartment buildings, and improved the public service systems.

In 2022, 49 investment projects in the park were constructed and put into operation. Rongli New Materials completed main factories with the area of 100,000 square metes in 5 months, and FinDreams Battery completed the construction of PACK factory in 4 months.

The Ningxiang High-tech Zone has attracted more investment and boosted development with innovative and attentive services.