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Students experience intangible cultural heritage in Ningxiang

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Aug 14,2023 L M S
Ningxiang has rich intangible cultural heritage, such as Huitang acrobatics, Weishan incense making, paper cutting and wooden movable-type printing.

Ningxiang City has innovatively carried out teaching activities for intangible cultural heritage, letting intangible cultural heritage enter young people’s life, and extensively cultivating new inheritors, in a bid to inherit and carry forward the intangible cultural heritage.

Recently, in order to enrich children’s cultural life and cultivate deeper cultural confidence during the summer holiday, Ningxiang City, based on local excellent intangible cultural heritage resources, held a series of teaching activities for intangible cultural heritage, setting off a craze for experienceing intangible cultural heritage in summer.

Children enjoy Huitang acrobatics

Huitang Town of Ningxiang City is known for its hot spring resources as well as acrobatics. Huitang acrobatics is a magical folk art and acrobats perform the appropriate balance of strength and softness in the movement with superb techniques.

On July 19, in the teaching activity site of Huitang acrobatics in Ningxiang, the inheritor Xiao Xuedong performed many wonderful programs. The thrilling performance won loud applause and attracted the children to the stage to find out the mysteries.

Children experience Weishan incense making

The traditional Weishan incense making skill in Ningxiang has a long history, which is closely related to the Buddhist culture of Miyin Temple, and high-quality and abundant incense making materials in Weishan Mountain. On July 26, the students gathered at the city’s cultural center to experience the traditional incense making with local characteristics.

Along with the soothing music, students learned to appreciate incense, make lotus-shaped incense, and make sachets from the inheritor Chen Lina.

Children experience paper cutting

Paper cutting is a folk art used to decorate life and in folk activities. With changing times, Ningxiang paper cutting art has been continuously improved and enriched, forming a variety of paper-cut forms with the characteristics of the times, regions, nationalities and cultures, which are highly ornamental, practical and educational. The inheritor Zhou Bin is particularly good at modern paper cutting. On July 31, he taught nearly 100 people to experience the unique charm of paper cutting in the city’s cultural center.

At the event, Zhou Bin explained the origin of the traditional culture of paper cutting, the methods and skills of paper cutting. In the subsequent practical activities, the children, under the guidance of the teacher, cut paper in various flower forms with creative ideas.
In this summer vacation, Ningxiang also held a special exhibition of paper cutting for a month.

There are theme exhibitions of paper cutting created by Liu Zhangxi and Zhou Bin, which integrates tradition and modernity, heritage and innovation, in a bid to bring a visual feast to the general public. 

Children experience wooden movable-type printing

Movable type printing is one of the four great inventions of China. Ningxiang's wooden movable-type printing can date back to the Tang Dynasty, with a history of more than 1,000 years so far. Ningxiang held a special activity of wooden movable-type printing, allowing students to feel the ancient civilization, learn the historical context, and stimulate their enthusiasm of patriotism and love of the home.

The activity attracted many primary and secondary school students. In the activity, the inheritor Chen Na made wooden movable-type characters into cultural and creative products with poems engraved, and distributed them to the students, so that each child could fully experience the complete process including type setting, ink printing and paper covering.

Intangible cultural heritage is a combination of outstanding traditional culture and an important source of cultivating socialist core values.

The intangible cultural heritage rooted in the land of Ningxiang is the cultural imprint deeply embedded in the blood of Ningxiang people. Ningxiang City makes full use of local excellent intangible cultural heritage resources to strengthen local cultural construction with the teaching activities as the carrier.