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Weekly weather report

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Apr 18,2023 L M S
The Meteorological Observatory of Hunan Province predicted that a heavy rainfall will hit the province from the April 17 to 18 due to the combined influence of an upper level trough, a lower level shear line and cold air. Among them, there will be a rainstorm in Central and Northern Hunan on April 17, and a rainstorm to a heavy rainstorm in Southern Hunan on April 18, accompanied by short-term heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms, gales, and hailstones.

In Changsha, where there is currently no rain, the hot noon has made many people put on summer clothes. However, there will be no clear weather for three days in spring, and Changsha will soon see heavy rain and more thunderstorms.
According to the forecast of the Meteorological Observatory, Changsha will experience heavy rain to a rainstorm in Changsha from the evening of April 17 to 18. From the evening of April 19 to the daytime of April 20, there will be an intermittent rainfall. From the evening of April 20 to 23, there will be another cooling and raining process due to the combined influence of cold air.

The meteorological department reminds that in general, there will be sunny and rainy days with high temperatures this week. Pay attention to the adverse effects of precipitation and low visibility weather on traffic, as well as the geological disasters such as flash floods and mudslides caused by heavy rainfall.
During the intermittent period of precipitation, take advantage of favorable weather conditions for field management and seedling transplantation. The weather fluctuates a lot, so please pay attention to the weather changes in time.