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Consumer flow resumes in business districts

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Feb 20,2023 L M S
Recently, Wuyue Square, Rainbow Department Store, Emerald Lake Shopping Mall, etc. have been crowded with people.

“Now the consumer flow has basically recovered to the normal level in previous years. As it gets warmer in these two days, there may be more consumers in the coming period,” said a manager of Wuyue Square.

In the evening, a constant stream of people gravitated to Emerald Lake Square that was ablaze with lights. In particular, citizens stood in a long queue in front of each restaurant on the third and fourth floors of the food street.

Since this year, the local government has made great efforts to stabilize the economy and promote development. The consumption demand of residents in the city has been steadily unleashed. Major business districts, shopping centers and restaurants have witnessed the return of consumer flow.

Especially during the Spring Festival holiday, the major supermarkets seized the opportunities and launched a variety of activities like sales exhibitions, consumption lottery and folk performances. During the Spring Festival holiday, the sales of the Emerald Lake Shopping Mall increased by 50 percent and the consumer flow rose by 43 percent year on year.

Ningxiang Rainbow Department Store has seen much higher consumer flow than that in the past few years since half a month before the Spring Festival.