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Bronze culture and art festival accelerates cultural tourism integration

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 24,2022 L M S
According to the management office of Hunan Tanheli Site, the first Ningxiang Bronze Culture and Art Festival is being held. Now, 4.772 million yuan has been earned from tickets, cultural creative products, etc. 

It has driven the consumption of more than 16 million yuan in catering and homestay tourism around the scenic spot, and accelerated the rapid resumption of the cultural and tourism market in Ningxiang.

Ningxiang Tanheli Site is the home of such national treasures as Four-ram Zun, Bronze Ding with Human Faces and Animal Mask Bronze Wine Container. It’s a milestone in the southward spread of bronze culture and a symbol of Hunan’s entry into a civilized society.

To stimulate the consumption vitality of culture and tourism and improve the popularity and reputation of Ningxiang’s bronze culture, the first Ningxiang Bronze Culture and Art Festival is held from July to December in Tanheli Scenic Area.

And 9 theme activities including the exhibition of bronze culture relics, and civilization exploration will be held to promote the integration of culture and tourism and contribute to rural revitalization.

More than 50 national cultural relics unearthed in Ningxiang are on display such as Bronze King with Human Faces and Animal Mask Bronze Wine Container.

In addition, this exhibition will achieve the first digital display of the national treasure Four-ram Zun in Hunan based on the 5G cloud network and the XR space computing.

Since the completion of Tanheli Bronze Museum in 2016, more than 5,000 pieces (sets) of cultural relics have been displayed through technical means to show the Tanheli culture. It has received more than 4 million tourists, and made the cultural resources revive.

In recent years, the large-scale sing and dance show “The Show of Tanhe” created based on Ningxiang culture, has broken the record of the largest number of indoor tourism performances and audiences in Hunan Province for many times.

Tanheli Archaeological Experience Center received about 400,000 primary and secondary school students.  

Such scenic spots as the excavation site of Four-ram Zun, Longquan Drifting and Gan Siqi’s former residence are combined into a boutique rural tour route, which has achieved social and economic benefits.

The Cultural Heritage of Hunan has promoted this case to the whole province as a typical experience of protection and utilization. The cultural and tourism industry rising from the Tanheli Site has driven the vigorous development of the agricultural industry in Huangcai Town and surrounding areas. It has also become a model area for Hunan’s archaeological culture to help rural revitalization.