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Traditional opera class enters schools

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 17,2022 L M S
Recently, the opera culture festival of primary and secondary schools in Changsha City entered the Hengshi Furong school in Ningxiang City. The students enjoyed an informative “45-minute open opera class”.

In the open class, professional opera actors from Changsha municipal troupes performed excerpts of the Flower Drum Song “Woodcutter Liu Hai”and Sichuan Opera “Face Changing” skill, allowing the students to feel the real charm of opera.

At the same time, a variety of interactive activities were held, such as knowledge quiz about traditional opera, and interactive games of traditional opera, letting everyone immerse themselves in the traditional opera. The students in class showed a strong enthusiasm for traditional opera with their continuous applause and cheers.

The “45-minute open opera class” is a comprehensive class, which is spread in a digital way. Relevant knowledge involves music, art, history, politics, Chinese and many other disciplines. The biggest feature of the open class is to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students to understand the art of traditional opera through experience.