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Changsha sees booming nighttime economy

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 16,2022 L M S
Recently, the 3rd China City Night-Economy Development Forum was held in Changsha, which contributed to the high-quality development of the national urban nighttime economy, and showed the vitality and liveliness of Changsha at night.

Booming nighttime consumption

The nighttime economy directly reflects the characteristics and vigor of a city.

On the short video platforms, many creators often post videos concerning Changsha, attracting tourists from all over China.

Data released by Douyin shows that the number of tourists per hour at night in Changsha is 10% higher than that during the day, and the liveliest time is from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

Wuyi Square ranks among China’s top 10 night tour landmarks. Changsha Colorful World, Orange Isle, IFS and Beichen Delta are among the top 10 night tour landmarks on holidays in Changsha. More and more forms of nighttime consumption enrich our lives.

In China, 60% of consumption takes place at night. The consumption amount of large shopping malls from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day accounts for more than half of the whole day. It is the peak time for e-commerce transactions from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., with the consumption at night representing over 36% of that of the whole day.

In terms of the contribution of per capita tourism consumption, nighttime consumption is at least three times that of daytime consumption. China’s nighttime consumption reached 34.8 trillion yuan in 2021 and is expected to exceed 40 trillion yuan in 2022.

The nighttime economy has been considered as an important driving force for consumption and economic development.

New business pattern

Changsha has taken ordered steps to blaze a new trail in nighttime economic development. In 2019, Changsha Municipal People’s Government issued the opinions on the implementation of “accelerating the development of nighttime economy” to plan a number of characteristic nighttime consumption blocks and create nighttime economic scenes, in a bid to build a “24-hour city”.

Nowadays, Changsha is famous for its nighttime economic consumption. Changsha has been selected as one of “China’s Top10 cities with Nighttime Economic Influence” for three consecutive years. 

On the list released in 2021, Changsha ranked second. Wuyi Square Business District, Meixi Lake Meilanfang Block and Hongxing Block were included on the list of national night cultural and tourism consumption clusters. 

According to the statistics issued by Meituan in August this year, Changsha’s Wuyi Square Business District ranked first in China in terms of orders for night leisure and entertainment. Changsha has seen booming nighttime economy.

Changsha has developed a new nighttime economic business pattern by integrating nighttime consumption resources, unleashing nighttime consumption potential and upgrading nighttime consumption scenes.

The development of nighttime economy is inseparable from excellent enterprises and brands. YEAHCOME, Ningji and Better Life Meixi New World have been awarded “Excellent Nighttime Consumption Cases”.

Development prospect

Efforts have been made to boost nighttime economy and domestic demand, so as to enhance the role of consumption in driving economic development and promote the high-quality development of urban economy.

The business forms of nighttime economy have to be continuously upgraded. The fundamental role of consumption in economic development shall be fully understood. Consumption is the ultimate goal of production and a direct reflection of the people’s pursuit of a better life. Changsha City shall attach great importance to the cultural construction of the nighttime economy and promote green consumption.

Moreover, in order to advance the high-quality development of nighttime economy, it is necessary to create characteristic brands, optimize the business environment, reasonably plan nighttime economic functional areas and accelerate the upgrading of traditional characteristic business districts.