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‘Sending warmth to needy people’ campaign launched

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jan 14,2022 L M S
The Hunan Civil Affairs Department launched the campaign of “sending warmth in the coming New Year” on January 12, during which about 520,000 needy households will be visited across the province, and money and supplies worth nearly 380 million yuan will be donated to them.

Ausnutria Group, Ant Group and Hunan Rural Credit Cooperative Association made donations on the site. 14 cities and prefectures displayed the donations raised.

At the end of last year, the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and People’s Government issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job During the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival in 2022”, which stresses the need to increase subsistence allowances and provide better care for the people in need.

The Hunan Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Hunan Provincial Emergency Management Department, the Hunan Provincial Food and Strategic Reserves Administration, and the Hunan Charity Federation, jointly mobilize related departments at all levels, enterprises and the public to care for the people in need.

Nearly 380 million yuan of financial funds and social donations were collected through visits, online fundraising and other forms.

Since 2004, Hunan Province has carried out the activity for 18 consecutive years. In recent five years, the province has raised nearly 2 billion yuan and visited more than two million poor households.