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Hunan to see temperature drop this week

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jan 13,2022 L M S
Hunan Province will expect big temperature drop and many rainy days under the influence of cold air from January 10, according to forecasts from Hunan Provincial Meteorological Observatory.

There will be three rounds of cold air coming one after another from January 10 to 17.

A round of light rain will sweep the province from January 10 because of the first round of cold air.

While sunny days will return on January 11, the second hit of cold air will bring a snowfall for the northern part of the province, and there will be even heavy and moderate snow in some parts from January 13 night to January 14 morning.

The lowest temperature will be about 0℃ at that time. From January 15 to 16, a round of moderate and heavy rain will hit the province from the north to the south.

The third round of cold air will come with overcast days for the central part of Hunan Province and cloudy days for the rest on January 16.

It is expected that the coming week goes with moderate temperature since these the cold air is not strong. As the Spring Festival is approaching, citizens are reminded to keep an eye on weather forecast so as to make an safe trip.