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Xingcun Village benefits from rural revitalization

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jan 12,2022 L M S
“We are fortunate enough to lead a comfortable and happy life thanks to the strategy of rural revitalization,” said Xie Duanxiu, an 86-year-old resident in Xingcun Village, Huitang Town, Ningxiang City, while appreciating the beautiful village scenery.

Good news about Xingcun Village goes that Wutongwan and Xinwuwan are approved as the beautiful natural villages with their superior environment and cultural elements. The village is now prosperous for its pleasant environment and thriving industries. An 84-year-old retired teacher named Zhou Lishan cannot help writing a couplet to express his exhilaration.

A formerly poverty-stricken village turns prosperous  

Seeing the Wutongwan and Xinwuwan changed into two beautiful natural villages where beautiful wall paintings, flourishing vegetable farms and clean asphalt roads are well laid out, villagers all wear a contented smile.

That the formerly poverty-stricken village is now a beautiful and prosperous one surprises the villager Zhou Qifei, who said: “It is really unbelievable to see the village has taken on an entirely new outlook within half a year.”

Xingcun Village originally belonged to Fengmuqiao Township and was later under the jurisdiction of Huitang Town in 2015. It is 15 kilometers away from the town government.

Speaking of the origin of its village name, Xiao Ningyi, secretary of Xiangjiang Group in Xingcun Village, said: “Gingko trees (“yin xing” in Chinese, and “xing” sounds like luck) were planted widely here and there was a Buddhist temple built in the Song Dynasty, which is why it got the name ‘Xingcun Village’.” 

With the backward transportation, poor infrastructure and no pillar industries, villagers couldn’t find a way to make money and the village was identified as a provincial poverty-stricken village in 2015.

Yu Ciying, a villager who has been lifted out of poverty, said: “Thanks to the poverty alleviation policies the Party and the government have implemented in recent years, my family finally got rid of poverty.” 

Ms. Yu also said that in May 2014 her family was registered a poor household with only an annual income of 2,200 yuan per person. But after one year’s hard work and government assistance, her family got out of poverty at the end of 2015 with a steady annual income of more than ten thousand yuan per person.

Villagers all think highly of Yu Ciying, saying she is a diligent and capable woman.

In the past five years, the villagers and cadres have worked in solidarity and won the battle against poverty. Then continuous efforts have been made to promote rural revitalization.

This year, Xingcun Village was designated by Changsha government as a key village of rural revitalization, with paired-up assistance from Xiangjiang Group.

People and cadres work in solidarity to build beautiful natural villages 

“Xingcun Village boasts profound culture with unique historical resources, so villagers have high expectation of building beautiful natural villages,” said Xiao Ningyi. People contributed money or labor to the construction of natural villages. With Wutongwan and Xinwuchang as the focus, the construction of beautiful natural villages has been carried out in Xingcun Village.

To build beautiful natural villages, it is first necessary to figure out many problems—how to vacate the land, how to get the money and how to make the people agree on it.

“At the very beginning, what villagers concerned was only the benefits and would be envious of others. Some even did nothing but wait to see what the village committee would do.” 

Seeing little passion among villagers, government officials finally worked out a solution—people should be motivated to actively participate in building beautiful villages.

Party members and cadres took the lead and set an example. The working group first donated 4,000 yuan and Zhou Ningzhuan, the village leader, donated 0.03 hectares of farmland for repairing the ancient well and 32,000 yuan for villagers to renovate roads, roofs and courtyards.

Seeing officials’ sacrifice, villagers decided to show their support. Zhou Qifei took the initiative to remove three vacant rooms and one henhouse for constructing Wutongwan natural village. Zhou Kaiqiang and Zhou Guoqiang tore down their 70-meter-long wall and a private garage to expand the road. Villager Zhou Dongyun contributed 106 days’ labour for the construction.

More and more villagers involved in the construction work. Wang Shenglan, who has been lifted out of poverty, donated 2,500 yuan for the construction.

Villagers are increasingly passionate for building beautiful natural villages. “Things must be done to keep the built natural villages in good condition.” Village cadres make sure that every villager bears the responsibility of maintaining one part of the built villages and a team of volunteers are formed to supervise people’s work and protect sanitation of the public areas.

Nowadays, every household competes with each other in maintaining their beautiful village. Villagers Zhou Minqiang, Tang Zhiqiang and Tang Shouming are still busy renovating their houses. The village committees even set higher goals of building seven more beautiful natural villages in Xingcun.