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Changsha releases general land use planning

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jan 10,2022 L M S
Changsha will have five high-speed railway stations and 17 planned rail lines by 2035, according to the General Land Use Planning of Changsha (2021-2035) released on December 27.

The general planning covers 9 sectors: strategic guide, regional coordination, ecological conservation, “Three Hubs” construction, transportation, urban-rural integration, landscape shaping, people-oriented development, and increased efforts on implementation.

It is a program of action for protection, development, utilization, restoration, and guidance of various types of construction in Changsha, which shows Changsha’s strategic positioning and goals, urban development vision, and urban functions.

The planning area is the jurisdiction of Changsha City, covering an area of 11,816 square kilometers. The target year of planning is 2035, the near-term target year is 2025, and the long-term vision extends to 2050.

In the strategic guide sector, Changsha’s resident population is estimated to reach about 15.5 million, and the population that the municipal government serves will reach about 19 million.

In the regional coordination sector, Changsha will take the lead in building the provincial economic pattern of “one core growth engine, two provincial-level sub-center cities, three economic belts and four regions’”.

As the capital of Hunan, it will vigorously promote the integration of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan cluster, build the core growth pole of the central region, and drive the development of the “3+5” city cluster.

In the ecological conservation sector, the planning aims to protect environment, inherit history and culture, improve the vitality and charm of the city.

In the transportation sector, Changsha will build a comprehensive transportation network integrating air, high-speed railway and highway transportation. Efforts will also be made to enhance multimodal transportation, build an assembly center of China-Europe freight trains and a high-speed rail express center, and upgrade the waterway of Xiangjiang River.

Specifically, by 2035, Changsha will have five high-speed railway stations, including Changsha South Station, Changsha West Station, Airport Station, Liuyang Station and Ningxiang Station, and build a green transportation system that connects rail transit, conventional public transit and slow traffic. It will achieve full coverage of rail transit in key areas, and design 17 rail transit lines with a length of about 800 km.