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Ningxiang ranks 28th for service industry

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jan 07,2022 L M S
Recently, the CCID Consulting released the list of “2021 Top 100 Counties for Service Industry”, which includes four counties (cities) of Hunan Province — Changsha County (10th), Liuyang City (24th), Ningxiang City (28th), and Shaodong City (73rd).

Among the top 100 counties, 17 are in central China, 6 in western China and 3 in northeast China. In the top 20 counties, only Changsha is from the central region, while the rest are from the east region.

In recent years, the scale and development level of China's service industry have been constantly improving. In 2020, the added value of the service industry accounted for 54.5% of GDP, far exceeding the secondary industry.

The service industry has gradually established its leading role in the economy, becoming the main driving force of economic development and the stabilizer of the economy.

This top list is based on the evaluation index system of high quality development of county-level service industry developed by CCID Consulting County-level Economy Research Center which carried out systematic research and comprehensive evaluation of service industry in 1,870 counties from the perspective of total industrial volume, industrial structure, industrial quality and efficiency, industrial support, and 18 specific indicators.

This research and the comprehensive evaluation focused on the characteristics and development directions of the county-level service industry. 

On the basis of data collection, there were “double thresholds” for counties to be included in the comprehensive evaluation, namely, the added value of the service industry should surpass 20 billion yuan and account for over 35% of the total GDP of the region, in order to reflect the development level and scale of the service industry in the county.