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Hunan expects many rainy days this week

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jan 06,2022 L M S
January 5 marks the Chinese solar term Xiaohan, or Minor Cold, which brings the coldest period of the year. On January 4, the first working day of 2022, there was rainfall in most areas of Hunan.

In the coming week, Hunan will see a lot of rain, temperature decline with fluctuation and two cold air processes.

According to the provincial meteorological observatory, light rain covers most parts of the province on the 5th. During 6th to 7th, moderate rain will drop in central Hunan, while high altitude areas of northern Hunan will have sleet or snow.

Under the influence of the upper slide trough and southwest airflow, there will be a light to moderate rain process in the province between 9th and 10th. And on 10th, the high altitude area of northern Hunan will see sleet or snow with stronger winds due to cold air.

It is necessary to focus on preventing the adverse impact of rain and sleet weather on transportation and travel safety.

Affected by cold air and rain, the temperature across the province will fluctuate slightly in the next three days, so the public should dress right for the weather.