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Hunan (Changsha) Battery Industry Expo Opens

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Dec 02,2021 L M S

The 2021 Hunan (Changsha) Battery Industry Expo was inaugurated in Changsha on December 1. The first China International Advanced Energy Storage Technologies and Engineering Application Conference, and the 4th National High-level Forum on Power-side Energy Storage Technology Application, opened simultaneously. 

Themed “New Energy, New Power, and New Development”, the expo is hosted by the Hunan Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Hunan Department of Commerce, and the Changsha Municipal People’s Government. Exhibition and forums will be held during the 3-day expo, including an opening ceremony, also a keynote seminar, and 12 professional forums on such fields as lithium ion battery technology, new electrochemistry energy storage technology, energy storage system, and energy storage materials and equipment. 

Zhang Suojiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other Chinese and foreign experts talked about energy storage revolution at the opening ceremony. More than 50 research institutions and leading enterprises would give lectures and hold discussions during the expo. 

The exhibition is held at the Hunan International Exhibition and Convention Center. There are four main exhibition areas, respectively presenting energy storage and power battery; battery materials and cyclic utilization of waste batteries; energy storage equipment and system; and, supporting technology and equipment. 

The CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Hunan Provincial People’s Government have attached great importance to the development of advanced energy storage technology and its application in industry. Constant efforts have been made to enhance the advanced energy storage materials and power battery industrial chain, as a key emerging advanced industrial chain. The battery industry has a solid foundation and notable competitiveness. 

According to the Hunan Department of Industry and Information Technology, Hunan’s battery industrial output hit 45 billion yuan. There are nearly 100 large enterprises of related business. A group of industrial chains with superiority have been formed, including anode materials, negative materials, diaphragm, cell, energy storage system, and recycle of waste power batteries. The industrial chains with comparative advantage are lithium, nickel, all-vanadium redox flow batteries, and other materials. Hunan takes the lead nationwide in terms of industrial scale, technological level, and research ability of anode material.