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Six models for rural entrepreneurship recommended nationwide

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 24,2021 L M S
Six models for rural entrepreneurship and innovation including Hu Dan of Hunan Youzhuo Food Technology Co., Ltd., and Liu Chao of Hunan Qiankun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. were recommended nationwide, according to the fifth batch of national outstanding leaders of rural revitalization and innovation released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas recently.  

In recent years, the rural environment for entrepreneurship has been improving, with many forward-looking, passionate and dedicated people starting business in rural areas. They become an important force to drive the development of rural industries.
Talent is the core element of starting a business.

The models for entrepreneurship who are passionate and full of pioneering spirits seek to explore new entrepreneurship modes through chains, integrated ways and internet, constantly enrich rural economic formats, improve the quality and level of industrial development, improve the high-quality development of rural areas, and help more farmers get jobs and start businesses near their hometown.

Summarizing good modes of rural entrepreneurship and recommending typical models of rural entrepreneurship and innovation are beneficial to guiding all kinds of personnel to start businesses in their hometowns, gathering forces of rural industrial revitalization, and helping promote rural revitalization and agricultural and rural modernization.