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Xiao Shenglan Family Farm wins national title

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 24,2021 L M S
Xiao Shenglan Family Farm in Ningxiang City was selected as one of the national demonstration family farms in the third batch released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China recently.  
Fostering new types of agricultural businesses such as family farms and farmer cooperatives is an important task to deepen rural reform, comprehensively promote rural revitalization and accelerate agricultural and rural modernization during the 14th Five-year Plan (2021-2025). This year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs selected the third batch of 52 farmer cooperatives and 47 family farms as typical cases.

Hunan is a large province of pepper planting and consumption. However, Hunan pepper is planted in spring and harvested in summer, and mainly appears on the market from May to September. This leads to low price and difficult sales. At other times, pepper is mainly supplied by Shandong, Hainan and other places, and the supply of local peppers in Hunan is small.

In order to fill up the markets of local pepper supply in winter, Xiao Shenglan, head of the Xiao Shenglan Family Farm, gave up his stable job in urban areas and devoted himself to the industrial development in his hometown. He is one of the first local college students to start a business in his hometown. He also mobilized his wife working in Shenzhen to go back home.  

In recent years, Xiao Shenglan has worked hard and built his farm into a provincial demonstration family farm. Knowing the promising prospects of local peppers, Xiao and his wife turned the multi-product management of the farm to the fine management of late peppers as its competitive product. It changed the situation of Hunan peppers being exported from other places in winter, and realized that customers could eat local peppers in winter.