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Flower Drum Opera 'In Memory of He Shuheng' on stage

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 23,2021 L M S
The modern flower drum opera In Memory of He Shuheng, which is expected to be staged for 40 times within 2 months in Ningxiang City, is now touring villages and towns including various scenic areas in Ningxiang. People of more than 10 villages and towns and visitors of over 20 scenic areas where the opera has been staged all warmly welcomed and praised the performance.

Ningxiang is a cradle that cultivates numerous great men including revolutionary martyrs. He Shuheng, the main character of the opera, made his name known here in Ningxiang.

The large modern flower drum opera In Memory of He Shuheng, one of the 2021 Changsha Key Literary and Artistic Projects, is China’s first drama telling the life story of the proletarian revolutionist He Shuheng. The drama best illustrates the spirit and belief Mr. He upheld and the merits he practiced.

With a grand and solemn style, this drama deeply impressed its audience who couldn’t help shedding tears during watching the performance. It is praised as a vivid lesson from which people learn the red spirit, feel the national greatness and cultivate their will.

This October, Ningxiang launched the touring of In Memory of He Shuheng across the city including its scenic areas. The director group carefully planned and choreographed the drama, making it suitable for being performed in towns, villages and scenic areas. The successful tour helps explore a feasible way for red dramas to get to the public out of the theater, promoting the integration of the red culture and tourism to a greater extent.

From November 22 on, the drama will also enter such scenic spots as Daolin Ancient Town and Tanheli Bronze Museum Square. And at the end of the month, the drama will show its charm at the closing ceremony of 2021 Red Drama Season of Changsha Yuelu Drama Festival as the grand finale.

At the same time, the drama has been successfully selected as a program in the seventh Hunan Art Festival. Its director group is now making preparations for its meeting with audience in the middle of December.