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Hunan lowers cost of Covid-19 nucleic acid testing

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 23,2021 L M S
The Hunan Healthcare Security Administration, Hunan Development and Reform Commission, Hunan Health Commission, and Hunan Administration for Market Regulation jointly issued a notification on further lowering the fee for COVID-19 nucleic acid testing on November 22. The notification would be in effect since that day.

According to notification, in public hospitals, the price for single Covid-19 nucleic acid testing would be lowered to 25 yuan per person, and the total fees of testing and testing kit would be not more than 40 yuan per person. The price for batch testing would be decreased to 10 yuan per person.

The fee for Covid-19 antibody testing would be lowered to 15 yuan per item, no matter which method would be adopted; and, the fees for testing and testing kit would be not more than 25 yuan per person. 

These government-guided prices are the cap for the medical institutions at all levels in Hunan, for both single and batch testing.
The fees for Covid-19 nucleic acid testing in the disease prevention and control institutions would be lowered to 40 yuan per person, and that for batch testing lowered to 10 yuan per person.

Batch testing ought to be conducted for compulsory tests. For the people who ask to be tested, while the testing institution has a number of cases to be handled on the single day, both batch and single testing are available. Single testing would be charged according to the pricing mechanism above. 

Public hospitals and disease prevention and control institutions, which provide nucleic acid testing service, should set up special windows and arrange independent areas for such testing. The procedures should be optimized to inform the people of their test results in electronic and informationalized forms. People who only wants to take a nucleic acid test need not to make appointments, nor pay for clinic diagnosis fees in public medical institutions.