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Zuojiashan oranges available to pick

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 16,2021 L M S

Photos taken on November 14 show that visitors pick oranges happily in Zuojiashan Village, Shuangjiangkou Town, Ningxiang City.
“Our family picks about 30 tons of oranges every year, most of which are sold locally. And the rest are offered to visitors from Wangcheng, Yiyang and other places for picking. Oranges in Zuojiashan taste sweet and juicy. Welcome to taste,” villager Yao Huihong said.

Zuojiashan has a long history of orange planting. Since 2002, orange growers in the village, under the guidance of the government and the agriculture department, have introduced new varieties, improved old varieties and expanded the planting area.

At present, there are 5,000 mu (about 333.3 hectares) of oranges. In 2006, its own brand "Zuojiashan" was registered. Zuojiashan oranges are sold to Guangdong, Shanghai, Changsha, Yiyang, Xiangtan and other areas.