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Changsha to see large temperature difference

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 15,2021 L M S
The last weekend still saw sunny days and the daytime temperature in Changsha returned to 20℃ though it is autumn. But the Changsha Meteorological Observatory forecasts that there will be a large temperature difference between morning and night in the coming week. Therefore, citizens need to timely add clothes against catching a cold.

According to the latest forecast by the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, it will be sunny or cloudy days from today to November 16 in Changsha. From November 18 to 19, the sunny weather is suitable for outdoor activities.

But rain will also come occasionally. The forecast shows that there will be light rain during the daytime from November 16 to 17 and 20. Remember to take rain gear when you go out. In rainy days, the temperature will drop with the highest temperature of around 16℃.

If you have a plan to go sightseeing, pay attention to the weather at your destination. Hunan Meteorological Observatory forecasts that affected by lower-level warm and moist air flow from November 14 to 15, the cloud system will expand, resulting in light precipitation in western and southern Hunan. But in the next three days, most areas will see warm sunshine with no cold air.