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Ningxiang will have 2 provincial industrial tourism demonstration sites

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 11,2021 L M S
10 units including Changsha Gree HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd and Youzhuo Dairy Products (Ningxiang) Processing Plant are slated for provincial industrial tourism demonstration sites, according to a list released by the quality rating committee of Hunan Provincial Scenic Spots recently.

This list is determined according to the local standards of Hunan province and recommendations of relevant municipal scenic spot quality rating institutions.

Industrial tourism is one of important sectors of tourism. As a large industrial country, China has comprehensive industrial tourism resources with great development potentials.

The industrial culture is a powerful spiritual driving force for the construction of a strong manufacturing country and an important content for enhancing the national soft power.

Industrial tourism doesn’t only refer to sightseeing, as it can restore the industrial production process, factory features, workers’ work and life scenes, industrial landscape and many other aspects to tourists. Compared with ordinary sightseeing, it’s more of presence, involvement and dynamic display.