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Changsha to see sunny days

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 10,2021 L M S
Affected by the fierce cold wave, the lowest temperature in Changsha on November 7 was only 6℃, which didn’t appear until December or even January in previous years. According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, most parts of China will heat up slowly, and the low temperature will last until about November 10. And only after mid-November, temperature in most areas will gradually rise.

 Most parts of Hunan saw strong winds over the past weekend. The minimum temperature in the province generally decreased from 16 ℃ to 18 ℃ in the early morning of November 6 to 4 ℃ to 6 ℃ in the early morning of November 8. In particular, the minimum temperature in 26 counties and cities (districts) such as Shaoyang, Loudi, Changsha, Xiangtan, Southern Yueyang and Yiyang even fell below 4 ℃.

At present, the impact of cold wave is over. According to the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, most parts of Hunan will be mainly cloudy or sunny in the next week, with much less precipitation and higher temperature. However, due to the large temperature difference between morning and evening, it is necessary to keep warm and beware of colds. In addition, the highest temperature this week will not be over 20 ℃.

As there is a large temperature difference between morning and evening this week, citizens are reminded to prevent respiratory diseases such as colds. Meanwhile, the meteorological level of forest fire risk is high, so people should pay more attention to fire safety. The load of heating electricity and gas for urban and rural residents will increase, and relevant departments should guarantee the supply and make safety precautions.