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Zijin Middle School seeks to inherit fine traditional culture

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 09,2021 L M S
Zijin Middle School, located in Yutan Subdistrict, Ningxiang City, was included in the third batch of national primary and secondary schools for inheriting fine traditional culture, according to an announcement released by the Department of Physical, Health and Arts Education on November 2.

The traditional characteristic cultural projects of flower-drum opera, gongs and drums and calligraphy of the school won the recognition.

In September 2010, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China launched the activity of building Chinese excellent culture and art heritage schools among primary, junior high and senior high schools (including vocational high schools), which has been held every two years since 2017. Now, three batches of 3,370 schools have been selected nationwide.

This activity aims to lead young students to inherit fine traditional culture and art, absorb Chinese wisdom, carry forward Chinese spirit, spread Chinese values, and enhance students’ sense of responsibility and mission to inherit fine traditional culture.

In recent years, Zijin Middle School has attached great importance to traditional culture education and is committed to making students learn and like fine traditional culture. Fine traditional culture is being integrated into the normal life of the school students with its unique charm.

Ningxiang is home to flower-drum opera and has a glorious history. As a drama culture volunteer workstation awarded by the Publicity Department of CPC Changsha Municipal Committee, the school has successively held three sessions of introducing school culture into communities and drama into schools activity.

A special topic about inheriting flower-drama opera in schools conducted by a music teacher in the school has been designed as a municipal funded project. The school’s traditional culture education has been highly praised by teachers and students, parents and all sectors of society.  

Mashan drums and gongs are an ensemble of Chinese wind and percussion instruments in Ningxiang. The skilled performance of Mashan drums and gongs shows Zijin students’ determination to inherit local traditional culture.

Calligraphy is the most classic national symbol in the development of Chinese traditional culture and art for 5,000 years. Calligraphy classes are held in the school to inherit Chinese traditional culture, and calligraphy experts are invited to guide calligraphy activities, so that students can cultivate their minds.

What’s more, the school will set up traditional Chinese painting association, such as  paper-cutting association and others to enrich students’ activities, and allow them to learn and inherit traditional culture.