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‘In Memory of He Shuheng’ on tour in Ningxiang

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Oct 25,2021 L M S
The flower drum opera In Memory of He Shuheng is on tour in Ningxiang, which will last two months. On October 18, two consecutive performances were staged in the square of He Shuheng’s Former Residence at Shatian Village, Ningxiang City.

“Most villagers were moved to tears when seeing He Shuheng sacrificed his life bravely,” said a villager named Liu Xueguan, who added that he would join the efforts to build a better village.   

In Memory of He Shuheng is the first flower drum opera that shows the glorious life of He Shuheng, a proletarian revolutionary and a representative of the first national congress of the CPC. The opera, solemn and magnificent, delves into He’s noble faith, reflecting the full victory scored by the CPC and its great spirit and majestic strength. Therefore, it is hailed as a vivid Party class for its inspiration and patriotism.

The drama has received wide acclaim from all walks of life since its debut, and have been staged in the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee and Ningxiang High-tech Zone. At present, 15 public performances have been staged. Hu Lingqiang, the artistic director of the opera, said they will push to make it permanent in Shatian Township.  

The opera that can only be watched in a theater is now accessible to ordinary people and farmers in rural areas. The director team has made a condensed version of the opera, with its length of an hour shortened from the original 1 hour and 50 minutes and 4 scenes from 6, aiming to spread the red spirit to a greater extent and to improve people’s well-being.

“After visiting He’s former residence, we have a deeper understanding of his personality traits of “stubbornness”-just like an ox. We hope that our performance will promote He’s revolutionary spirit in Ningxiang,” Liu Qi said, who acts the leading role of the opera.

It will be staged at Changsha 303 Theater as the finale of the closing ceremony of Changsha Second Lushan Youth Drama Festival on October 29.