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Huilongpu Town thrives off of rural revitalization

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Oct 22,2021 L M S
This autumn sees a harvest scene in Huilongpu Town, Ningxiang City, which is home to a large-scale modern grain industrial park. In the village, you will see farm houses with graffiti, streams of visitors, bustling agritainment resorts and diligent villagers who are drying the lotus seeds in their courtyards.

“Huilongpu is the granary of Ningxiang. Thanks to the strategy of rural revitalization, the town sees diversified industries,” said Zhang Xiangqiao, secretary of the Party Committee of Huilongpu Town. In recent years, the town has introduced a number of leading enterprises to develop Xianglian Lotus, blueberry, breeding and homestays, etc, promoting the integration of agriculture and tourism.

According to Zhang Xiangqiao, the town is making efforts to build a characteristic and modern town by the revitalization of industry, talent, culture and ecology.