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Ningxiang sees strong industrial growth

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Oct 22,2021 L M S
From January to September, the added value of industries above designated size in Ningxiang increased by about 6% year on year. The tax revenue of industries above designated size increased by about 30% year on year, with that of 5 enterprises (Sany, Gree, Truking, Brunp, C'estbon Beverage) reaching more than 100 million yuan each and that of 37 enterprises achieving more than 10 million yuan each.
Advantageous industries contributed a lot to tax revenue. The tax revenue of equipment manufacturing industry increased by 44%, the smart home appliance industry 57%, and the energy storage materials industry 58%.

This year, Ningxiang issued a number of industrial policies for enterprises’ development, and cashed 34.5529 million yuan of awards and subsidies. 
It has organized special training for enterprises to interpret policies, guide intelligent transformation and upgrading, patent layout and rights protection.

In 2021, the city carried out a comprehensive survey on the difficulties of advanced enterprises, and collected 145 problems from 70 enterprises. As of early September, nearly 100 problems had been solved through field research and coordination meetings, with a resolution rate of 65%.

Ningxiang carried out a symposium on industrial design consultations for enterprises and industrial parks, organized 21 enterprises to participate in the Second Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition, held a series of training activities to empower high-quality development of manufacturing enterprises, and increased the approval rate of projects.

Multiple measures have been taken to set up innovative platforms for enterprises and achieved fruitful results. Up to now, Ningxiang has 43 enterprises shortlisted in Changsha’s 8th batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot enterprises.