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Xiangzikou Town cooperates with Jingliang Heavy Industry

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Sep 30,2021 L M S
Recently, Hunan Xiangzi Huakai Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., with the capital of 24.8 billion yuan, was established after Chen Jiliang, chairman of Hunan Jingliang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd., together with Yi Jian, legal representative of Ningxiang Xiangzi Huakai Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. and relevant officials of Xiangzikou Town People’s Government, signed the tripartite cooperation agreement.

On the same day, Chen Jiliang and relevant officials of the local government and 10 villages visited Deyuan natural village, Xiangzikou Town. On the north side of the village, Guanbu bridge crosses Weijiang River, connecting Deyuan natural village and Nanxuan Academy on both sides of the river.

Today, Nanxuan Cultural Park, with the former site of Nanxuan Academy as the core, has become a Chinese culture study base and tourist attraction gathering Chinese culture lovers to study and inherit the spirit of Hunan culture. It attracts many tourists here and drives the rapid development of local agriculture and service industry.  

In Huanghe village aviation base, people can see small aircraft flying in the sky and taking off and landing on the runway from time to time. Many students in the base are learning to operate unmanned aircraft.

Many flying enthusiasts and tourists came here to take gliders and helicopters, receive flight training and take a flight study tour.

The development idea of “aviation plus culture plus tourism” has boosted Xiangzikou town’s confidence in building an aviation town, enriched sports tourism, study tour and culture tourism in Ningxiang, and become a new growth point of tourism economy.

Around the aviation base, orchards are seen everywhere, and various fruits all the year round are sold to national markets, bringing handsome income to the local people. The fruit industry has become the pillar industry of Huanghe village and even the whole town.

During the visits, Chen Jiliang and his team have more confidence in the development prospect of Hunan Xiangzi Huakai Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. To develop and strengthen the company, Chen Jiliang invited Chen Daiyi, general manager of Hunan Sanying Modern Agricultural Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd. to serve as the legal representative of the company, which will be fully responsible for the management and operation of the company.

Chen Daiyi has been engaged in the agricultural industry for more than ten years. He is responsible for many agricultural projects in Ningxiang and has gained a wealth of experience. After field trips, the resources, industrial foundation, government support, national policies and other aspects gave Chen Jiliang more confidence to start a business here. Finally, he decided to cooperate with the local government and Chen Jiliang.

The development idea of Xiangzikou town to comprehensively develop agriculture and rural tourism industry and build a Chinese culture town coincided with Chen Jiliang’s goal. Hunan Xiangzi Huakai Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. was established in this situation after investigation.

With village collective shares and market-oriented operation, the company focuses on guiding the development of rural study tour, homestay economy and agricultural experience, realizing the integrated development of tourism and cultural resources, and agriculture and service industry, continuously expand the strengths of the village collective economy, increase local people’s income, and develop a green and sustainable road of agricultural modernization.