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Vegetable cultivation promotes rural revitalization

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Sep 30,2021 L M S
Farmers wearing sunshade hats are busy picking long beans in a vegetable planting base in Nanling Village, Yujiaao Township, Ningxiang City. The long beans up to standards will be sent to processing factories and wholesale markets.

“This year sees the launch of rural revitalization work. Party members in our village first transferred a land of 150 mu (10 hectares) for vegetable cultivation, with a good harvest and a substantial profit due to the hard work of farmers and good weather,” said Xie Hongjian, Party sectary and director of the village. He carrying long beans and rice walked along the field bank.

In the election at the end of last year, 35-year-old Xie Hongjian won the support of the villagers to serve as the village Party secretary and director. Several farmers in the village used to grow chilies but suffered a loss, as they couldn’t find markets to sell the chilies during the peak season. However, through investigations, Xie believed that vegetable cultivation has the potential to drive the villagers to get rich and promote the development of the village.

Xie Hongjian sought help from Jiang Ximing who is a 62-year-old skillful worker in traditional industry and transferred a land of over 150 mu (hectares). He guided the villagers to plant sword beans and chilies in March and April, and long beans in July. At present, those vegetables are about to be harvested.

Knowing that a local company for the processing of agricultural products has run prosperous business in recent years, he contacted with the factory many times to seek cooperation, and finally signed an agreement on supply and marketing of agricultural products with the factory.

At the same time, the village demolished an abandoned house of over 2,000 square meters to provide space for the agricultural processing and production of the factory. The equipment of the factory worth over 3 million CNY will be put into use in October. Then, the long beans, chilies and beans in the village will have a good market. Besides, the factory can also purchase the vegetables from nearby villages to make half-finished vegetables and pickles for sale nationwide.

As the old saying goes, the first jump is the hardest. Some farmers who lost money because of chili cultivation in the past were indecisive to plant vegetables again. Therefore, Xie Jianhong with other village cadres proposed that Party members took the lead in investing nearly 80,000 yuan as start-up capital for vegetable cultivation so that the villagers don’t need to take a risk with their own money.

“It’s so delightful that there is a considerable yield of long beans with 1,500 kg picked per day,” said Jiang Ximing. He noted that according to the current wholesale price, long beans and chilies per mu (666 square meters) can increase the income of nearly 5,000 yuan, and the output value of sword beans is higher.

He added that the vegetable base creates jobs for over 20 idle villagers including women aged from 50 to 70 and villagers who had been lifted out of poverty. They can get an income of 90 to 100 yuan per day and even the 81-year-old woman can earn 50 yuan by picking chilies per day.

 “Agricultural industry plays an important part in promoting rural revitalization. The village led by the cadres has explored an appropriate road to develop industry. It’s worth pride for the achievements it has made,” said an official of Yujiaao Township. Next year the village will extend the planting area of vegetables up to more than 1,000 mu (66 hectares), and develop the planting of tobacco and the processing of tea oil. As the collective economic income has exceeded 200,000 yuan this year, the village is expected to reach an income of 500,000 yuan next year.