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Molten iron show performed in Daolin Ancient Town

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Sep 29,2021 L M S
Since September 28, the “Millennium iron soul of Hunan people” has been performed in Daolin Ancient Town every night. The tickets are on sale now.

Daolin Ancient Town with an area of about 1,380 mu (92 hectares) includes performance area, commercial street and Happy Farm, among which the commercial street and Happy Farm are opened to the public for free while the performing area is closed and needs charging fees.  

The performance area offers live-action shows. For example, the “Millennium iron soul of Hunan people”, with the combination of the three-thousand-year smelting technology and the local traditional culture of Hunan, is to create a unique cultural and tourism performance. Besides, there are six shows performed by farmers, including Station Platform, Station Hall and Chen Family’s Traditions, etc.

When performers hurl the molten iron, it explodes in a shower of gorgeous sparks in the air, reaching the temperature of 1600-1700 degrees centigrade. The performance vividly expresses the passionate life, the good hopes, the declaration of victory and the cry of Hunan people by dialogues across time and space.

At present, in addition to on-site ticketing, the scenic spot has also opened online channels for booking tickets. You can buy tickets on the Wechat official account of the scenic spot (Wechat id: QNTHhunanren), Meituan APP and the Wechat mini program. The scenic area offers a discount ticket of 188 yuan for the “Millennium iron soul of
Hunan people” and other performances.

The scenic spot is located in Yangjiawan Group, Hedong New Village, Daolin Town, Ningxiang City, and is only 30 minutes' drive from Changsha city, 40 kilometers from Orange Isle, 13 kilometers from Liu Shaoqi's former residence, 30 kilometers from Shaoshan Scenic spot. After its opening, it will advance the cultural tourism industry of Changsha and Ningxiang and further enrich the local cultural tourism products.