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Houzhiting Community sees big changes

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Sep 28,2021 L M S
Houzhiting Community, Huilongpu Town has experienced tremendous changes these days, with the once muddy trail replaced by an even asphalt road and the dark night lit by smart street lamps.

The nearly 2km road running through Niwanli Village has been transformed from a narrow path into a two-lane asphalt road before the Mid-Autumn Festival, and was equipped with over 60 intelligent street lamps for illumination and monitoring, greatly facilitating villagers' production and life.

This change is inseparable from the strong support of the Management Committee of Yuelu Mountain University Science and Technology Town, and two innovative high-tech enterprises.

After Yuelu Mountain University Science and Technology Town was designated as the support unit of Houzhiting Community’s rural vitalization, Yan Li was appointed as the first Party secretary to boost rural vitalization efforts.

After getting familiar with the situation of the community, Yan Li learned that there was still a lack of fund for the construction of the Niwanli Village’s sightseeing road. Niwanli Village is located at the bank of Weijiang River, with nearly 200 mu (about 13.3 hectares) of lotus planting base and 15 mu (1 hectare) of flower sea, which is a good place for sightseeing and leisure.

Hunan Yunzhong Recycling Technology Co., Ltd., which created the technology of processing construction solid waste into road materials, provided technical and construction for the construction of the sightseeing road. After preliminary investigation, the enterprise completed the asphalt paving and the road marking in less than a week.

“Our company has received strong support from Yuelu Mountain University Science and Technology Town during the development, so this time we provided sufficient manpower, material resources, and financial support of nearly 500,000 yuan," said Peng Yali, head of the company.

The lotus-shaped intelligent street lamps come from Hunan Lejin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which offered design, operation and other services for free. An intelligent platform can monitor operation conditions of all street lamps and automatically adjust brightness and switching time.

At the same time, the cameras on street lamps enable the functions of monitoring and recording, which plays an important role in rural security and evidence collection. 
It is worth mentioning that the enterprise also designed the street lamp featured with lotus shape, highlighting the characteristics of the beautiful countryside.

Yuelu Mountain University Science and Technology Town has been involved in the long-term development of the community. At the end of August this year, Liu Liang, Party secretary of the town, paid a visit to Houzhiting Community with more than 10 enterprises and sent 13 students grants. Besides, the town has also set up a rural revitalization fund of 600,000 yuan for community infrastructure construction and industrial development.

Chen Jianbin, Party secretary of the community, said that as the south gate of Ningxiang urban fringe area, Houzhiting Community has built a lotus planting base and related cultural tourism facilities, and become a significant area for Ningxiang’s sightseeing, leisure, tourism and other industries around the city.