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Ningxiang’s Charm of Autumn

By Huang Tao| nxiang.net| Updated:  Sep 28,2021 L M S
“Of the seasons through a year, autumn always has something to recommend itself.” said the poet Zhuo Tian of Song dynasty (960-1276) in his poem Pinling New Autumn. Albert Camus, French philosopher and author, was ever famous due to his words that “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”.

The autumn in Ningxiang, however, appears far more unique because of its rivers, famous mountains and the profound culture. Wandering through this ancient county with a history of thousands of years, you shall lay eyes upon the silver banks near Shanyu Island, the Tanheli archaeological site showering in rosy twilight, the Weishui River snaking through flaming maples and the Wazi Village sitting in dyed woods...

With such ease and elegance, the autumn falls on Ningxiang, refreshing your hearts and minds by picturesque scenery and alluring foods.

Ningxiang in Autumn, the city of lively colors. 

As the great poet Liu Yuxi depicted, “Autumn brings a limpid and serene atmosphere, and frost climbs onto the cardinal or golden leaves.” Here in Ningxiang, the autumn transforms everything in the nature into fascinating eye-catchers, making visitors refuse to leave.

The State highway 319 (Gaoxiong-Chengdu Road), embraced by countless sycamore trees, looks like a time tunnel with the shades and shadows, for people believe that “the first hint autumn gives shows on the sycamore leaves”; the golden waves reveal the arrival traces of autumn, reminding people how time flies. The Bamboo Sea on Xiangshan Mountain spreads a vast expanse of bamboos under the clear autumn sunshine, drowning people in its delicate fragrance and mysterious mist. Museum of Comrade Liu Shaoqi, greeted by the early light of autumn morning, constructs a wonderful scene of glimmering luxuriant cypresses and pines and an emerald lake. The Ancient Miyin Zen Temple, floored with golden ginkgo leaves in thousands of autumn times, provides its visitors with long-lasting buddhist philosophy...

Besides, Ningxiang’s autumn is colored in some other ways: the season has brought harvests to the farmlands, where the acres of ripe rice are fondled by autumn breeze and shine in “golden ripples”; particularly in this special time, the “angels in white” are united tirelessly to protect people from the pandemic; the “cleaners in orange” stand fast and remain at their posts for the Review of National Civilized Cities; the “volunteers in red” are contributing tremendously to the tough task of Management of Road Traffic Safety; the “workers in teal” have made many industrial parks and project construction from nothing to something; and the “builders in green” all work for a shared purpose, our Rural Revitalization Strategy...

Those contributors decorate the autumn in Ningxiang, making it a better place in this adorable season.
Ningxiang in Autumn, the city of novel flavors. 

“Amid the prime time of a year, Autumn lights the sweet and warm homes when dusk comes near.” When cooler breeze sweeps away the heat of summer, people will find home much cozier than ever. Here in Ningxiang, people love the cool and sweet air in autumn, for autumn brings them multiple tasty flavors. Common people in south China have long had the tradition of “fleshing out in autumn”, meaning that putting on more weight helps with the enduring of harsh winter.

Similarly, Ningxiang’s food tastes the best in the fruitful autumn.

Ningxiang pigs, one of the four breeds of “China’s famous pigs”, taste tender and juicy, leaving pleasant aftertaste in the mouth.

Weishan Tofu boasts all the qualities of superior tofu but removes all the shortcomings, for its top flavour comes from Ningxiang people’s honesty and craftsmanship.

Huitang Tribute Duck, a distinguished dish inherited from ancient China’s imperial tables to common houses, has long been famous because of its tender bones, fleshy taste and delightful appearance.

Appetizing foods in Ningxiang count far more than the aforementioned: Longtian braised pork, Wulidui marinated bean curd, Zifu special beef, Huilongpu stewed pettitoes, Donghutang special goose, Yujia village’s gardenia products, organic fish in Huangcai Reservoir, Shatian steamed stuffed bun... To escape from the trivial worries and enjoy a meal in Ningxiang, you shall definitely put aside all the troubles and live a little.

“The Ningxiang Four Desserts”, namely Sharen pastry (a rice flour pastry), Daodou bean succade, candied ginger and soused green plum, are renowned by their exquisite craft and fresh sweet tastes. Also, expected in autumn are oranges and tangerines from Zuojia mountain, grapes from Guanshan mountain, grapefruits of Datunying and yellow peaches of Xiangzikou...

So luscious and succulent that any bite will be granted with gratefulness of the autumn’s generosity. Autumn, sweet and charming autumn! No other season in a year can be compared with, as autumn gives people the utmost gratification, especially here in Ningxiang.
Ningxiang in Autumn, the city of cultural recreation. 

The leisure of Ningxiang’s autumn consists not only in the natural scenery—the clear and crispy sky joins the winding river at the far end of horizon, while streaks of sunlight scatter on the watery surfaces. The autumn, in particular, coats every inch of mountains, rivers and fields with more charm, a sense of serenity and elegance. Summer’s heat has faded away, and refreshing autumn winds bring people to enjoy the culture.

Ningxiang has established numerous cultural and recreational facilities: Fantawild Oriental Heritage, the Jade Rabbit touring party, bonfire parties and firework shows have indulged visitors in pleasures; the Ancient Guanshan Town and the exhibition of Festival Lanterns let visitors experience again the history of the Three Kingdoms, the immersive emotion of the extraordinary times. This autumn also brings us the intangible cultural heritage live show “Millennium iron soul” in the Daolin ancient town, revealing the dazzling scenes of Hunan craftsmen.

A touch of the warmth of the famous Huitang Hot Spring would immediately relieve you from worldly chores and bustles, which becomes a perfect choice for welcoming a pleasing autumn. Whenever tired in your trip, you can rest your body and mind in the Miyin Zen Temple, home to the Southern Zen Weiyang Sect of Buddhism; or you can roam in the Ancient Tanhe Town, where this Bronze Culture Site Center in South China can take your thoughts to the far away.


Ningxiang, the land of Weishui River, resembles a painting scroll to be explored and observed, where its autumn possesses even more stunning beauty and vitality than the spring. Come and enjoy Ningxiang in the precious autumn days! Come and find pleasure, peace and purity here. Ningxiang awaits your discovery!