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Old Party member, 90, tells Party history

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jul 06,2021 L M S
On July 4, during the leisure time, the neighboring villagers came to the home of Liu Huanran, a ninety-year-old Party member, to listen to him telling the history of the Party.

In the village of Honglunshan, Jinghuapu Township, Ningxiang City, Liu Huanran is known as "the old man who teaches Party history", and his home has become famous far and wide.

After the lecture on Party history, Liu Huanran was busy compiling his family study notes on Party history. On the wall, there is a large red paper of two meters square, on which “Special Issue on Family Study of Party History” is written in yellow.

This special issue records the experiences of the old man's family of 13 people studying Party history, including the handwritten drafts of his spouse He Youlian, his two sons and one daughter, and his grandchildren. This is the fruitful result of the Party lessons given at the family reunion on every festival day.

"Not long ago, many family members came to celebrate my 90th birthday. So, I called on everyone to learn Party history," Liu Huanran said. He evaluated his family's notes in learning Party history and awarded the best ones.

In order to increase the enthusiasm of the family to learn the Party history, he designed a fun quiz competition. The family members raised their hands to answer the 36 questions on the Party history, and the five grandchildren also learned with great interest.

His neighbors say that Liu Huanran's stories about Party history are so vivid that everyone likes to learn them. For this reason, Liu Huanran's house has become a famous place for learning Party history from far and near.

Before liberation, Liu Huanran studied at Ningxiang Normal High School. "At that time, I joined the New Democratic Youth League (predecessor of the Communist Youth League), and my teacher who introduced me to the league was an underground Party member," he said.

After liberation, Liu Huanran devoted himself to the development of new China full of enthusiasm. He worked as a teacher in the peasant night school, joined the social education task force, and participated in the construction of Huangcai Reservoir.

“Being a member of the Communist Party of China is the greatest blessing in my life!" said Liu Huanran. It took him more than 30 years before joining the Party, during which time he wrote five applications for membership and attended four training sessions.

However, due to work transfer and other reasons, it was not until July 1, 1981 that he finally became a member of the Party. By this year, he has been a Party member for 40 years.

In 1992, Liu Huanran retired as a teacher and joined the Party branch of retired workers in Jinghuapu Township. Since then, he has been actively involved in the education of the next generation, and has also offered support to the public and party members in need.

"Our happy family and prosperous life over the years have been brought about by our great Party," Liu Huanran said. At present, he has written two big notebooks with a total of 140 Party history study notes. In the future, he is determined to continue to tell the glorious history of the Party.